意大利吃素品脾标志 Just Wholefoods 的品脾标志标记和再生中止了全面进级,这也是属于一家自力的公司的,生厂相关表家禽和纯素干杂质物和巧克力糖。杂质物也容易承办,是变得忙营生体例的胸怀大志选取。



“国产厂家转变的挑衅是谱写种新的标示牌和包装盒工作设想,表示歉意含量的产品品质,并小毛病代谢物经历度许诺。国产厂家唯愿将成为每个人小我的食材,而不只仅是甲壳动物代替品,这里是国产厂家转变的视点”。Rob Hall 表面。

直接的图案控制随机函数斜体字母a,虚假的特点和色相搭配或色相搭配的转为体例,为Just Wholefoods 造成 妙趣的两重寄义。这些简单的国产的品牌有利于融合太皮刺激,波普艺术创意气概的插图图片,规划设计出奇妙而君主制(有民族自决权/有想法)的国产的品牌的特点。

Studio h has redesigned the brand identity and packaging design for Just Wholefoods, an independent company who produce a range of plant-based and vegan dried mixes and confectionery. The mixes are easy to prepare and ideal for busy lifestyles. Studio h were tasked with applying a design rationale to give clarity and cohesiveness to a 20-strong product range that had grown organically over the years with no unified packaging design. “The challenge with the redesign was to create a new identity and pack design that conveys the quality of the ingredients and doesn’t overpromise on the product. The brand’s desire to be food for everyone and not just a plant-based alternative was at the core of the redesign”. says Rob Hall, Creative Partner, Studio h. The straightforward block logo uses random italicised letters to introduce personality and colour or tone shift to give Just Wholefoods a subtle double meaning. This brand simplicity helps to frame the playful, pop art style illustrations creating a distinctive and democratic brand personality.
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